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I’m Salvatore Rotolo

I am creative director for the Crianza agency that I founded in 2013 along with my brother. I share with him several projects.

Together we created Crianza’Nzigna, a digital promotion course for Italian entrepreneurs.

Together we lead La Campobellezza, a project to enhance the territory of our town, Campobello di Licata (AG).

I write in modern and gestural calligraphy and create branding projects, mainly based on calligraphy and typography.
Some of my calligraphic works have also turned into t-shirts and gadgets available online.

I also carry on a calligraphic project for the recovery of the Sicilian dialect with the name Siculigrafia.

I make handmade bentwood rings and, at the moment, I have sent them to about 15 countries around the world.

I’m passionate about photography and videomaking and I’ve been involved in the creation of several music videos and commercials.

I am a communication and digital marketing consultant.
I like trekking and technology.

My online alter ego is Premedito.

Contact me. Maybe I can help you.